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7 Reasons Why We Don’t
Want to Party With

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Just when you thought she couldn’t surprise you anymore, Miley Cyrus made a video, in which she talks about the inspiration for her We Can’t Stop video—her real life!

Miley explained her record-breaking video for We Can’t Stop is especially important to her because it was the first video where she got to take the lead, which meant coming up with the concept and enlisting director Diane Martell

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“So when I was creating the video, I called Diane and I just basically started telling her all these crazy stories of all these parties I’ve been to,” Miley said. “Me and  my friends, we’re just kind of crazy like with the piñata with the hotdogs and how we had all that taxidermy—that was all based off real parties that we’ve been to.”

If Miley’s regular weekend looks anything like that video—we won’t be partying with Miley any time soon.

Here are 7 reasons why:

1. Taxidermy Ritual

There has to be some sort of ritual that we just don’t understand. Is this the Nashville party that Miley is talking about in Party in the USA?

2. Making Out With a Doll

Miley’s alone time with the doll seems pretty intimate. Does this count as cheating? Does Liam know about this?

3. Skull Made of Fries

Okay, we take this one back; this is actually artistic and delicious—this would only encourage us to party with Miley and her crew. But then again, they later smash it... so close, Miley! 

4. Pinata Hotdog

Call us old fashioned—but we probably would’ve just preferred candy coming out of the piñata.

5. White Bread Facial

Miley says that she thinks her video is “specific to people in LA and people who like an LA life,” but Los Angeles always struck us as more of a Whole Wheat/Seven Grain kind of city.

6. Food Fight Wrestling

The cold cuts and condiments everywhere might explain the extra white bread they have laying around though. 

7. Twerking

Like everyone else—we’ve just pretty much had enough.

Check out Miley’s video and tell us what would keep you from partying with her!