Super fun night rebel wilson

5 Things To Expect
From Rebel Wilson’s
New Sitcom ‘Super Fun


Rebel Wilson is coming to TV this fall in a hilarious new comedy called Super Fun Night
The show follows three best friends, who after spending every Friday night for the past 13 years together and inside, decide to go venture out and have a “super fun” night.
In Touch caught up with Rebel and the show’s executive producers, John Riggi and Conan O’Brien, at the TCAs on Sunday, who told us what we can expect from the new show.  
1. True Stories
Many of the awkward encounters and stories come from the Pitch Perfect star's real life. The actress and her sister Liberty, who used to spend their Fridays watching DVDs and eating candy, were the inspiration for the show. 
2. Unadulterated Hilarity
With Conan and Rebel as the backbones of the show, you can count on it being hysterical. The late night talk show host joined the Super Fun Night team as an exec producer when he found out that Rebel was behind the production.
“She is vulnerable, fearless,” Conan praised. “She's absolutely one of the most likeable performers I've seen in a long career in television.” 
3. Rebel Wilson Doing Crazy Things
The Team Coco leader went into detail about how Rebel has no limits when it comes to acting and doesn’t mind getting herself into tricky scenarios.
“She just knows what she's doing. And so she has an unerring ability to hit that balance. You sometimes cringe when you see her going through something embarrassing, but she's so winning, and she's so likeable, and you root for her so much that you're in this with her. And when she survives and when she actually achieves her goal, it's exciting.”
4. Lots of Geeky References
After Rebel was asked if she enjoyed referencing Star Trek and Star Wars on the show, she elaborated on how geeky Super Fun Night will get.
“Well, we actually created a fake show within the show called Murna Princess Warrior, that all of our characters are fans of and that you'll see more in the show, which is a sci-fi starring a female warrior type character. And, yeah, there is a bit of geekdom.” 
5. Hardworking Actors
Rebel and her fellow actors and dedicate their lives to their craft, wanting to give audiences their best possible work.
“One day when we're filming the pilot and I called [Conan] up and I'm like, ‘It's really hard, like, working over ten hours a day, um, sometimes and what should I do?’” Rebel explained, and added. “And then Conan gave me really good advice. He said, ‘Start drinking.’”
Check out the trailer for Super Fun Night Below: