Lindsay lohan own reality show

5 Things to Expect
from Lindsay Lohan's
Reality Show,
Premiering March 9th


Oprah Winfrey's OWN network has announced that Lindsay Lohan's documentary series, "Lindsay," will premiere on March 9.

Although the eight-part reality show will focus on Lindsay's post-rehab life and her work to get her career back on track, we have a couple of other theories about what to expect.

1. Lindsay's New Life in NYC

After rehab, Lindsay relocated from LA to NYC to get away from negative influences. In Touch previously reported that the Mean Girls star was spending a cool $16,800 a month to rent an apartment in the exclusive celeb-friendly SoHo neighborhood. Hopefully we'll get to see the inside of those posh digs.

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2. Her Sister Ali

Lindsay grew up on New York's Long Island, and much of her family still lives there. That means that LiLo has taken the opportunity to spend more time with her younger sister, model Aliana Lohan. The two have been spotted hanging out in NYC together. However, we probably won't see mom Dina Lohan, who recently got popped for a DUI, or dad Michael Lohan, who Lindsay is estranged from.

3. A Lot of Talk About Sobriety

Oprah is legendary for her straight-to-the-heart interviews, so expect a lot of soul-searching moments about Lindsay's struggles with her sobriety and some of the factors that caused her addiction. Have your tissues handy!

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4. New Love Interests

As In Touch previously revealed, Lindsay has been juggling multiple guys, including designer Tal Cooperman and DJ Julian Cavin. But who does she actually want to be in a committed relationship with? We may get a clue if one of the guys gets camera time.

5. Nights On the Town

Since moving to Manhattan, the Canyons star has been spotted everywhere from downtown karaoke clubs to web app launch parties. One thing's for sure: our girl is staying busy, and she's giving the OWN crew a lot of material to work with.