Miley cyrus concert ren stimpy

5 Reasons Miley Cyrus’
Ren and
Stimpy-Inspired Tour
Makes Perfect Sense


Earlier today, Miley Cyrus announced that her upcoming Bangerz Tour—which kicks off on Feb. 14—will be inspired by ‘90s Nickelodeon cartoon Ren and Stimpy.

Yes, we’re serious! The 21-year-old songstress announced plans to give away a lot of souvenirs for her fans who come to the show, because she is a bit of a "hoarder" and wants to give her fans something tangible to remember the show by. Miley is definitely going out of her way to promise that this show is unforgettable! 

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She revealed that there will a ton of “crazy props” and “lots of animal [costumes]” inspired by John K., the creator of Ren and Stimpy. Additionally, she will wear costumes designed by Marc Jacobs, Jeremy Scott and Bob Mackie. That's right, she's going to have a top fashion designer draw inspiration from an old cartoon. We love that Miley thinks out of the box, but this may be too far! 

After initial hesitation about the Ren and Stimpy/Miley collab, we’re thinking it could actually be a great thing—here’s why!

1. They Basically Invented Twerking

2. They All Love Wagging Their Tongues

3. Who Loves Being Naked More Than Miley? Ren and Stimpy, That’s Who!

4. Miley May Have Earned a New Friend to Enjoy the Green Stuff With

5. Miley Already Has a Thing For Cats 


- Carly Sitzer/@carlysitzer