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15 Things We Learned
About Sarah Jessica
Parker in This Awesome
Vogue Interview

YouTube/ Vogue

From the moment this recently-released Vogue interview started, we could already tell it would be fast (73 questions in five minutes!), on-the-spot thinking and serve as an inside look into Sarah Jessica Parker’s New York City apartment—and fabulous life!

Throughout the interview, we see SJP attempt to quickly answer the questions while moving the interview throughout different rooms on the first floor, getting water for the reporter and answering the telephone—“Dolphins!” she shouts mid-conversation.

As if we didn’t know she prefers diamonds over pearls and heels over flats, we didn’t know she can easily pull off a British accent or that her favorite band is Parliament. Take a look at 15 more interesting things we learned about the Sex and the City star!

SJP NYC Interview

SJP still continues on with the interview even when answering the phone. Talk about multitasking!

Three words that describe living in the city: Symphonic, Tiny, Real

She prefers a Blackberry over the popular iPhone.

If she had a tattoo, she would have it on the bottom of her foot!

The hardest thing about being a mom: Separate and equal time with all children

Her favorite restaurant in downtown Manhattan: Gradisca

SJP Pong Table 2

A ping pong table next to the living room? How cool!

Best gift she ever received: My children

Her favorite curse word: Sh-t

What everyone should be following: Word of the Day

Her favorite pizza toppings: Sausage, Peppers, Onions

The person she would want to have coffee with: Author David Remnick

Sarah Jessica Parker's Piano

If she could master one instrument, it would be the piano. Luckily enough she has one to practice with!

Her favorite food: Barbados Roast Chicken

A book she read in school that positively shaped her: To Kill a Mockingbird

Her favorite lyrics: Do I pick you up or do I meet you there? Did you get my message because I looked in vein. Can we see each other Tuesday if it doesn’t rain?

She didn’t go to prom, but she did have a peach silk dress picked out.

Her favorite country to visit and the last country she visited: Greece