Tori spelling baby

Tori Spelling Drops
Another Pregnancy
Bombshell, Tells Dean
McDermott She “Feels


Either Tori Spelling is going to have a fifth child — or she’s really, really committed to acting!

In a preview for the upcoming season of her reality show, True Tori, the former Beverly Hills, 90210 actress dropped some major news on her husband (and the father of her FOUR other children), Dean McDermott.

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“This is going to sound crazy,” she calmly tells Dean. “I feel like I’m pregnant.”

Dean went on to ask his wife “Is that a joke or for reals?” — a question that we have been continually asking ourselves since Tori first hinted at the possibility of baby No. 5.

TOri and Dean

But it would appear it’s “for reals,” as a source recently told In Touch she’s wearing maternity clothes all the time, and she sees the pregnancies as a benefit — not only for the show, but also in her personal life.

“When she’s pregnant, Dean’s there for her,” another source told In Touch. “So she uses her pregnancies as a way to control him. It’s bizarre.”

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