Patrick schwarzenegger miley cyrus cheating

Miley Cyrus' Dad,
Billy Ray, Defends
Patrick Schwarzenegger
After Photo

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It appears Miley Cyrus didn't have an achy breaky heart for long after seeing photos of her boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger, getting handsy with other females during spring break!

And that's because her 53-year-old dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, is coming to Ahhhhhhnold's son's defense.

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“He had fun, he’s a good boy,” Billy told ‘TMZ.’

Patrick, 21, was quick to defend his actions on Twitter earlier this month when the photos emerged.

Miley, 22, and her man were spotted two days ago at Kiwami Sushi in LA. Though she was allegedly upset, they are trying to work out their issues.

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"Miley is embarrassed about the photos and Patrick is devastated about that because he really cares about her," a source told ‘People.’ "They've been talking and are going through a tough time. They're trying to work this through."

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