Michael phelps girlfriend intersex

Michael Phelps’
Intersex Girlfriend
Says They Are No
Longer Together,
Shares Her Side of the

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Shortly after Michael Phelps self-proclaimed girlfriend confessed she was born a man, a report surfaced saying he was “horrified” to learn this very personal information the same way everyone else did — through the media.

But now, Taylor Lianne Chandler — born David Roy Fitch — is sharing her side of the story. She claims she shared the very personal detail of her life shortly after the press informed her that her story was about to be made public.

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“When this happened I told Michael first, very intimately and in much more detail, what was going on,” she says.

“Then the next day on my private Facebook, I told family and friends. My ex-husband flew home from Afghanistan, we told our daughter, his daughter, but who to me is like my daughter. He told his family and I told my friends. And ironically enough, no one walked away.”

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One person who is no longer in her life, however, is the extremely accomplished Olympian — though she remains tight-lipped about how her relationship ended with the 28-year-old she met on Tinder, explaining they met in late August and he checked in rehab on Oct. 6.

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“I can assure you the reason we are not together right now and the reason I haven’t heard from him is not because I was born intersex,” she explains.

“It’s not because of all the social media or tabloids. It has nothing to do with that whatsoever. The reason we’re not together is his story to tell if he decides to tell it. It has nothing to with me and I did nothing wrong.”

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