Bruce jenner cell phone driving

Bruce Jenner Caught
Talking on His Cell
Phone While Driving —
Again — Just Weeks
After Fatal Crash


Bruce Jenner, you MUST be kidding!

Just weeks after he was involved in a car crash that took the life of his 69-year-old neighbor Kim Howe, the former Olympian was seen talking on his cell phone while driving in LA yesterday, Feb. 27.

Did we mention authorities are currently deciding whether or not to prosecute him for vehicular manslaughter? We have a feeling blatantly showing that he hasn’t learned his lesson isn’t exactly going to help his cause…

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TMZ reports that the sports car he was driving — a Porsche — has built-in Bluetooth capabilities, but Bruiser was still holding the phone up to his ear, which is illegal.

Tsk, tsk! Shame on you Bruce!

Head on over to ‘TMZ’ to see the pictures.

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