Jeremy renner wedding crasher

Jeremy Renner Crashes
a Wedding But Refuses
to Take Photos With

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Jeremy Renner didn't strike us as the wedding crasher type, but this changes everything!

The 44-year-old surprised newlyweds at the Regency Hotel in Houston, Texas, where he stayed during Comicpalooza last weekend. He kept a low profile while enjoying the open bar before interacting with the guests.

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"I was approached by many people to take photos and I said that this is the bride and groom's special night, so out of respect I declined photos not to take away attention from the real stars of the evening,” he told People.

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"I did enjoy conversations with many of the guests for about 15 minutes and went off to enjoy the sights of Houston for the night. I also shared my congratulations to the guests and the bride and groom,” he added.

Perhaps we should expect an Avengers: The Age of Wedding Crashers in the future!

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