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Kim Kardashian Insists
She Won't Get Fillers
Or Botox While

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Kim Kardashian may be the constant target of accusations about plastic surgery, and while she doesn't deny them all, there is one thing she wants to make clear: NEVER while she's pregnant.

The reality star is currently expecting a little brother for daughter North West, but won't let pregnancy slow down her media machine. She's currently promoting the imminent debut of her new website, teasing the upcoming make-up tutorials which promise to show how to contour for the changing pregnant face.

But first things first, Kim wanted to get something clear.

"No I don't do fillers or botox when pregnant like some tabloids are reporting, you would have to be really sick to endanger your child like that!" she wrote.

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"Anyone who has been pregnant or gained weight knows your face totally changes!" she added. "My nose gets bigger, cheeks fuller & my lips swell up.

"The challenge is trying to adjust the make up to make me feel normal & we will share our tricks on"

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