Kim kardashian attack vitalii sediuk

Ukrainian Prankster
Vitalii Sediuk Targets
Kim Kardashian Again —
Only to Have His Plan
Thwarted by Security


Just days after notorious prankster Vitalii Sediuk tackled Kim Kardashian to the ground outside a Paris Fashion Week event, he attempted to go after Mrs. Kanye West again—only to have his plans thwarted by her security team!

According to a report, North West’s parents were grabbing dinner at Hotel Costes around 6 P.M. when her security team spotted the infamous jokester.

Of course, Kimye’s bodyguards sprung into action, surrounding Vitalii and keeping him far away from Kim, the report claims.

Kim Kardashian Vitalii Sediuk

Unfortunately for Kim, Vitalii is still on the loose! As TMZ explained, cops decided not to arrest the jokester—saying it was nonsense offense and they had more important things to deal with.

Maybe we’re alone here—but Kim and Kanye sitting down to dinner at 6 P.M. may be the most shocking part of this whole ordeal…