Lion attack safari

Man Gets Attacked by a
Lion While on Safari,
Lives to Tell the Tale
in a Hilarious Way


WARNING — Graphic images ahead!

When Brendan Smith was attacked by a lion while on safari in South Africa, he didn’t just live to tell the tale — he managed to do it in a pretty LOL-worthy way!

The Australia native took to Facebook to recall his near-death experience — and somehow turned it into a funny story.

On March 26, he wrote:

“I wish I was LION but can now say I have life access to the people who have been mauled by a lion group. No later [than] 36 hours after touching down in Africa I find myself in hospital after a lion jumped through the car window and decided to go to town on my legs.
“Pretty full on but [I] am alive, with insurance coming to the party and an influx of curious Africans wanting to see ‘the lion man.’ Could have and should have been a lot worse but chicks dig scars so I'll be sweet! I'll post updates on here when they come through.”

Lion Attack

(Photo Credit: Facebook)

He has since taken to the social network with an update on his condition. He thanked his friends for their unwavering support and informed them that he’ll remain on bed-rest for the time being, now that he’s out of the hospital and undergoing rehab to get back on his feet.

“When the swelling and bruises have gone down, I’ll head back home and [will] be dancing up a storm in no time,” he wrote.

“Thanks for all the positive messages from everyone — it’s not [until] something like this [that] you really do appreciate what a good support network of family and friends you have.”

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