Miley cyrus pregnant pizza baby

Have You Ever Loved
Pizza So Much You
Conceived a Pizza
Baby? Miley Cyrus Has.


Congratulations! It’s a… pizza?!

Miley Cyrus took her love for the saucy, cheesy goodness that is pizza to the next level yesterday, March 4, by posting a hilarious photo of her own face ‘shopped on top of a pregnant woman’s body and a baby — made out of pizza, obvi — on the sonogram screen.

The 22-year-old’s bestie-turned-assistant Cheyne Thomas is playing doctor because, well, of course he is.

Miley Cyrus

Why have a bun in the oven when you can have PIZZA? That baby is so cute we could just eat him/her right up! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

The pizza-obsessed singer playfully captioned the silly shot, “The rumors are true...”

Don’t get us wrong, the whole thing is pretty awesome, but you know what would REALLY impress us? If she managed to deliver the baby in 30 minutes or less!

See what we did there!?

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