Tom hanks son chet rehab cocaine

Tom Hanks and Rita
Wilson’s Son Reveals
He Went to Rehab For
Cocaine Addiction


Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s son Chet recently revealed he went to rehab for cocaine addiction.

The bombshell confession was made on his Instagram, where the 24-year-old posted a video confirming he not only went to rehab, but also he’s 50 days clean — of all substances, including alcohol — as of Nov. 19.

Chet Hanks

Chet and his famous parents at an event in 2010. (Courtesy of Getty Images)

“I’ve been struggling with substance abuse since I was 16-years-old. Finally at the age of 24 I decided to get some help,” the aspiring rapper declared in the caption of his video.

“With 50 days of sobriety under my belt, I can honestly say I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I’m thankful for my family and everybody that cares about me, including my fans. I’ve been blessed with the programs of AA and NA which allow me to rise above this disease. I’m learning to be ok with being human… Thank you all for the love and support!”

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According to one report, he was a regular marijuana user but things escalated during the past year, after he turned to harder drugs. Fortunately, his parents are dedicated to helping their son to maintain his sobriety.

“Of course, this was devastating to his dad and mom, but they’ve done everything they can to help him, and fully supported him in his decision to get sober,” the source says.

Watch his announcement, but be warned — his language is NSFW!

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