Chris brown baby name

Chris Brown Named His
Daughter Royalty — So
It's Safe to Say the
Reign of Terrible Baby
Names Isn't Over...
Check Out 16 of the

If you’re a celebrity and you want to guarantee your child will have some sort of superiority complex (because, you know, even though they’re privileged there’s still a chance they can become decent people), you can always take a page out of Chris Brown”s book — and give your kid a name that makes them think they’re super special and very, very important.

According to ‘TMZ,’ the bad boy named his daughter Royalty!

In case you somehow missed it — earlier this week, it was revealed that the 25-year-old fathered a child, who is now nine-months-old, with a 31-year-old model and long-time friend named Nia.

Of course, Chris is hardly the first star to give their child a terrible name — though it’s a scary to think that one day, the Hollywood playgrounds will be filled with girls who ACTUALLY think they’re going to live in a castle one day (and, to be fair, they probably already are…)!

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