Marc jacobs sext naked dick pic

Marc Jacobs — Good at
Designing Clothes, Bad
at Wearing Them (And

Getty Images

There’s something really fun about watching old people try to navigate da Interwebz.

While there's something endearing about your grandma confusing a Facebook wall with Google, there isn’t anything cute about Marc Jacob getting confused on Instagram and accidentally sending a picture of his penis to all his followers rather than in a direct message…

(Editor’s Note: Relax, Mom, 52-year-old MJ isn’t actually old and neither are you.)

He captioned the shot — which was quickly deleted, but not before some quick eyes at Gawker managed to screenshot it — “It’s yours to try.”

I’m not sure if he’s talking about his ~MaNpArTs~ or his bare tush, but either way, I’mma pass…

Instead, I invite you to join me in enjoying the beautiful irony that is a fashion designer — y’know, someone who MAKES CLOTHES FOR A LIVING — taking a naked picture (AKA NO CLOTHES WHATSOEVER) and having it backfiring…

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