Lou ferrigno bill cosby sexual assault

Lou Ferrigno’s Wife
Carla Accuses Bill
Cosby of Sexual


Carla Ferrigno, actor Lou Ferrigno’s wife is the latest to come forward and claim she was sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby.

The alleged incident took place in 1967, Carla, then still a teen, was working as a Playboy Bunny at the Playboy Club. She says she was approached by a man, who took her on a date out to dinner, before telling her that his friend — Cosby — wanted to meet her and invited her back to the comedian’s home.

She was surprised when not only the television veteran, but also his wife, Camille, greeted her. Less than 10 minutes after she arrived, he suggested they go to the movies. Despite feeling “uncomfortable” at the cinema, Carla accepted his invitation to return to his house and play pool.

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But things took an unfortunate turn after Mrs. Cosby left the room.

“Things really seemed odder now. We kept playing. Bill beat me. And just as I was ready to put the pool cue down he came forward,” she recalls. “I thought he was reaching for the pool cue. But he came at me and grabbed me in such a powerful way. Grabbing me.

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“He was much bigger than me. Much bigger and he pulled me so hard and so rough. I had never been treated so roughly and he pulled me hard to him so hard. And then kissed me so hard, right in the mouth. No one has ever been that physically violent with me.

“I was stunned. I was frozen. I took all my body strength and used both of my arms to stop him and push him away from me. He was so forceful.”

She says Cosby tried to offer her drinks, but she declined. Her own husband didn’t know about the attack until long into their marriage — and even then, he encouraged to lay low and keep her experience to herself.

Lou Ferrigno

“Lou said, ‘I don’t think you should do it. It’s not good. It’s you know, not safe.’ I said, ‘I don’t give a f--k.’ This was inside me my whole life and I didn’t like it. And every time I’d hear his name I’d cringe,” she explains.

“I want to address every woman in America to come forward so this sort of thing doesn’t happen again. Any woman who was hurt by this man needs to stand up and speak out against the insanity with the lawyer and the abuse. No more.”

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