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Kim Kardashian is
Teaching North West to
Be a #Selfie Queen

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Like mother, like daughter.

Kim Kardashian has shared her one-year-old daughter, North West, is quite a little ham for the camera...

“She has a computer of mine with all of these movies and music on it, and I was just using it, and I noticed the Photo Booth, there were all these selfies of her, that she doesn’t realize she’s taking, but she presses it, and it’s so funny. So we do take lots of pictures together,” she told reporters at Variety’s Power of Women luncheon in NYC on Friday.

North West

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The 34-year-old also revealed the type of relationship she hopes to have with Nori, whose father is Kanye West.

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“I hope that I have the same relationship with her that I do with my mom and that she is my best friend and that she is just a strong, powerful woman and is very confident,” Kim continued.

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Just hours after the event, the ‘KUWTK’ star made headlines after her stepfather, Bruce Jenner, confirmed to Diane Sawyer that he identifies as a woman — and that Kim's been the most accepting of the Kardashian clan. She told Matt Lauer on 'Today' this morning that she supports Bruce "100 percent."

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