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Bob Saget Says Mentor
Bill Cosby’s Legacy
Has Been Tarnished by
“Despicable” Actions

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Bob Saget is the latest star to speak out about countless allegations of sexual assault by Bill Cosby.

The Full House alum, 59, spoke to Huff Post Live about his disgraced “mentor,” 78, who graduated from Temple University ahead of him and provided guidance and support in the world of comedy.

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Bill Cosby

Cosby on The Tonight Show. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

“I think any human being that does things that are despicable to other human beings will be slightly tarnished by history. I went to Temple University and he was a mentor of mine, and I was on The Tonight Show [with Cosby] two weeks before Johnny Carson went off, and it’s very sad,” he lamented. “I think the answer is obvious — that the man has been tarnished — and it’s just sad for all of the people involved.”

To date, more than 50 women have come forward and accused the Cosby Show star of sexual assault; in many cases, the women allege he drugged them prior to engaging sexually.

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While he said he “had respect for Cosby because he changed stand-up comedy,” the father-of-three explained that his view of his one-time mentor has changed because “it’s not like a little slip up.”

He continued, “So you do find out the people you look up to — unfortunately, they’re down off the throne when things like this happen.”

Cosby continues to deny the allegations against him.

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