Adam lind child support teen mom 2

‘Teen Mom’ Baby Daddy
Drama Update — Adam
Lind Is Back to Court
For Child Support


One day, we hope we can go an entire week without hearing that Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind is in trouble. But this is not that week (and no, his time behind bars does not count).

According to a new report, Chelsea Houska’s ex is due back in court, as his ex-girlfriend Taylor Halbur is fighting him for back child support for their one-year-old daughter, Paislee.

“Taylor filed to get Adam to pay child support for Paislee,” a source reveals. “Taylor was tired of Adam not paying child support, and now that Paislee is older, she thought it was about time that Adam step up and pay his part.”

The source goes on to say that the reality TV bad boy has never paid child support — but since they were on-again, off-again, she let it slide — but not anymore!

Leah Messer

Meanwhile, in other Teen Mom 2 baby mama drama news, Leah Messer-Calvert’s younger sister, Victoria, is reportedly threatening to reveal her brother-in-law, Jeremy Calvert’s, dirty laundry in light of the public accusation the West Virginia native made of his wife cheating on him.

“You’ve wanted out of the marriage for a while and now you’re trying to make assumptions to make yourself look good to make people feel sorry for you,” Ali, Aleeah and Adalynn’s aunt reportedly posted on Facebook.

“You wanna sit around and post a bunch of bullshit but little do you know sweetheart, we are a little smart than you are and we actually have proof of sh-t that you’ve done. So maybe you should think before you start making up lies because we have hidden truth [sic].”

Gary Shirley

Last (but certainly not least in this “Who’s the Biggest Jerk on Teen Mom competition), we have Gary Shirley. Shortly after his ex, Amber Portwood, alleged that he secretly began seeing his current girlfriend (and rumored baby mama) Kristina Anderson behind her back while still behind bars, a source has come forward to say he began romancing the 32-year-old while she was still “happily married” to the father of her child.

“Kristina and her husband were very much together,” the insider says.