Brad pitt scott eastwood shia labeouf

Brad Pitt and Shia
LaBeouf Almost Fought
Scott Eastwood — And
We’re Pretty Sure We
Figured Out Why


Brad Pitt recently admitted that he and Shia LaBeouf almost beat up the man of your dreams, Scott Eastwood.

First of all, let’s take a step back for a second. How amazing would it have been if they did get in a fight? They probably would’ve made at least one person’s sick masochistic fantasy come true. Throw in Shia’s purple leggings? Sounds like the beginning of a cult-like fetish!

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Anyway, Brad tells British GQ he and everyone’s favorite former-Disney-Channel-actor-turned-performance-artist Shia almost fought Scott because he was spitting tobacco on the tank they were all in on set of their World War II flick Fury.

But we think we have figured out the real story—they are just jealous that Scott Eastwood is infinitely more attractive than they will ever be.

We even have evidence that supports our claim.

Exhibit A: These Are Scott Eastwood’s Abs

Your turn, Pitt.

Exhibit B: This is how good Scott Eastwood looks standing next to a giant version of his own ad for Hugo Boss

Oh, did we forget to mention he’s a model for Hugo Boss? Because he is.

Exhibit C: He looks good in literally everything.

He could make a paper bag look hot. Sorry not sorry, Shia.

Exhibit D: Sorry, we can’t come up with anything witty to say here. We’re too distracted by his good looks.



To quote the great poet Justin D. Bieber, “You smile, I smile.”

Exhibit F: He even looks good as a merman.

And you know what they say… “Water is the essence of wetness. And wetness is the essence of beauty.”

Exhibit G: This is what Brad and Shia are looking like today.

Brad Shia

Case dismissed.