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Gossip Magazine Makes
Crazy Claim That
Princess Diana Had
Secret Daughter

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We have heard some pretty ridiculous conspiracy theories when it comes to Princess Diana, but this one is a DOOZY!

US magazine The Globe are spinning a yarn of epic proportions, claiming that the Princess of Wales has a secret daughter who was born using IVF with eggs fertilized in a lab with Prince Charles' sperm and placed in doctor's wife.

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(Photo Credit: Globe)

Um... yeah. We SO believe that one.

And why were her eggs in a lab, you ask? Because her fertility had to be tested before she could be married to Prince Charles. Yup.

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Oh and it gets weirder. The story also claims that Kate Middleton's recent trip to the US was to visit said secret sister-in-law. Apparently, William didn't think it proper to meet his potential sister himself.

Princess Diana

Diana and little Harry (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

The 'royal insider' tells the magazine that: "William was stunned when Kate told him she was a mirror image of his mother and really could be his sister."

Oh and the insider also says the meeting between 'Sarah' and Kate took place for exactly 44 minutes. Aren't we lucky a witness was there with a stopwatch?

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