Kailyn lowry teen mom racism controversy

‘Teen Mom 2’ Star
Kailyn Lowry-Marroquin
Apologizes For
Controversial Comments
About Race

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When it comes to drama, Teen Mom 2 never fails to deliver.

And on last night’s season finale, it was Kailyn Lowry-Marroquin who was in the hot seat.

The mom-of-2 came under fire after getting in an argument withJo, the father of her son Isaac, about how to style the toddler’s hair.

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During an argument, she sent text messages that said “Little white boys don’t get their hair cut like that” and later accused her ex of dressing their son—who is of mixed race, with a white mom and a Hispanic father—“like a thug.”

Kailyn has since voiced her regret about the comments, which have been misconstrued as racist.

“I’m deeply sorry for making those comments,” the reality star told MTV. “They were not representative of who I am. Diversity is something I value, especially in my own family.”

Shortly after a promo for the episode aired last week, Kail tackled her online haters, writing, “Gotta make good TV somehow”—and now her friend Toni Ziegler, who was with her when the messages were sent, has come to her defense with the whole story.

“Kail does regret saying that because she wants Isaac to embrace both of his cultures but it didn’t go down quite how it’s being shown,” Toni said.

“She was wrong to say it, for sure, but she was upset that Jo tries to change Isaac’s life and look so much whenever he goes over there. Plus, a lot of the time Jo just does it because he knows it makes Kail mad. He likes to push her buttons.”

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The MTV star’s BFF went on to say that Jo told MTV of the situation—in an effort to make the mother of his child look bad. The network was allegedly so interested in the drama they even paid for Jo to go to Delaware to talk to Kailyn face-to-face about the issue, even though it had already been resolved off-screen.

“They totally pressured Jo into doing that,” Toni told The Ashley’s Reality Round Up. “There’s no way he would have done it on his own.”