Lena dunham anti semetic

WTF of the Week: Did
Lena Dunham Really
Compare Her Jewish
Boyfriend to Her Dog?

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Lena Dunham is very good at many things. Some of her talents include getting naked on television, writing for television and stirring the pot.

She demonstrated her knack for the last one (pot stirring) when she decided to pen an anti-Semitic essay for the ‘New Yorker,’ called “Dog or Jewish Boyfriend? A Quiz.” And — spoiler alert! — she managed to piss off many, many people, while simultaneously insulting her boyfriend, Jews everywhere and also (presumably) her dog, Lamby.

Lena and Jack

Lena and Jack. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Some of the very unflattering things she says about her significant other (Jack Antonoff of fun.) — or her dog — include the fact that he’s particularly hairy and cheap. Also, he has a sensitive stomach, an obsession with cream cheese and an unhealthy relationship with his mother (a winning combo, truly).

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Who knows, guys? Maybe Lena’s onto something. Maybe it’s actually a really good idea to show your admiration for your boyfriend by making jokes on the basis on cultural stereotypes and systematic bigotry!

We actually have our own quiz for Lena — whose mother is Jewish, and identifies culturally as a Jew. We’re calling it, “Bad Joke, or Thinly Veiled Prejudice? A Quiz.”

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