Mckenzie mckee

Mackenzie McKee's
Marriage is Over as
Josh Throws Her Ring


Mackenzie McKee's marriage looks like it's pretty much over after her husband Josh reportedly chucked her ring down the toilet and walked out for good.

The news follows a rough few weeks for the 'Teen Mom' couple, which could have been made worse after Mackenzie drove their uninsured new car into a ditch.

But then again, it's not like going on TMZ Live to blame it all on her "rotten husband" could have helped either.

Teen Mom Mackenzie

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Luckily for them, 310 Shakes — a meal replacement program — footed the $10k bill for the repairs. But it wasn't enough to keep the marriage from imploding.

TMZ reports that the pair had a massive blowout last weekend that ended with Josh swiping Mackenzie's ring and flushing it down the crapper.

You can't get a better metaphor than that!

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