Disney collector youtube porn star

WTF of the Week: This
Extremely Popular
YouTube Channel For
Kids May or May Not Be
Run By a Former Porn


Back in the day, kids used to get excited about opening new toys for the first time. Nowadays, they get pumped about seeing other people unbox toys on YouTube — and one of the most popular channels dedicated to this strange phenomenon belongs to a mysterious woman who only shows her hands and goes by the name Disney Collector.

But now it appears the true identity of the elusive YouTuber — whose videos have amassed 5.3 million views — has been revealed: As former porn star named Sandy Summers (real name: Daiane DeJesus).

The ‘Daily Mail’ linked the one-time X-rated actress to the account after DeJesus’ husband was outted as the man behind BluCollection — Disney Collector’s partner channel.

Hey parents, you know what that means? Those hands that your children watch all day long? Just think about where those hands have been.

Sandy SUmmers

(Photo Credit: Facebook)

And if you’re not feeling particularly creative, we can tell you some very, very X-rated websites where you can see for yourself. And there’s no Play-Doh involved on those sites…

Did we mention that she’s made an estimated $5 million making videos? As Disney Collector, we mean…

We guess she’s found her niche — unwrapping things and showing off her goodies for the camera — and it’s not her fault kids apparently pay better than adults…

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