Bubble boy freakshow

Real-Life "Bubble Boy"
Found His Forever Home
in the Most Unique


Bob Heslip is battling Neurofibromatosis type 1, a rare condition where non-cancerous bumps appear all over the body.

When it first came about, the 50-year-old felt out of place, before finding a new family in the Venice Beach Freakshow, which has its own series on AMC.

"It started about 7 or 8 months ago when I was vacationing with my family in Los Angeles," he told the ‘Huffington Post.’ "We were at the beach and saw the Freakshow. My daughter is a fan of the TV show and I had watched it before. We saw the bearded lady."


Other cast members from the 'Venice Beach Freakshow.' (Photo Credit: Facebook)

"I went to the front, took off my shirt and the crowd went crazy!" Bob adds. "When I met the performers, there was a feeling of belonging. I felt at home."

Bob, whose stage name is “Bubble Boy,” was not plagued with this condition when he got married 25 years ago. He performs with the other unique cast members on the weekends when he’s not working at Dollar Tree.

Despite his hectic schedule, Bob, who is also the proud father of two children, is passionate about what he does and finds it crucial, given his circumstances.

Bubble Boy

Bob's "Bubble Boy" body. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

"I want to teach people that it's not taboo to ask questions. I'm OK talking about it," says the new performer, who hails from Arizona. "My son and oldest daughter also have this condition and my speaking out about it gets them excited. They know my attitude is positive."

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