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Jenelle Evans Defends
Herself After Sharing
Video of Her Dog
Playing With Lit

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Well, this is terrible.

Jenelle Evans shared a video of her dog, Jax, playing with a lit firework over Fourth of July weekend. If that’s not enough, the Teen Mom 2 star doesn't see a problem with it.

Jenelle Evans

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She tried to justify her actions to TMZ cameras, stating, “Everyone thinks that I lit the firework and my dog put it in his mouth or told him to go fetch it, but honestly, me and Jace were in the backyard, we were lighting off fireworks and before I took that video I kept telling the dog ‘get away’ because he kept knocking over the firework actually with his nose and messing it up for Jace.

“So I mean, all in all,” the 23-year-old continues, “the dog didn’t get hurt, everything was fine, and I didn’t tell him go fetch it, I was like ‘are you ready, are you ready?’ and we just thought it was funny that he kept trying to attack it, even though, how many times did I ask him to stop?”

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Jenelle even went on to compare the incident to an America’s Funniest Home Videos stunt. She apologized to anyone who felt offended, and blamed her MTV fame for the negative attention.

Watch the controversial video below.

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